The best ladder tips and tricks

How many ways can you use your ladder better?

If you have a slippery ladder just add some anti-slip tape, it will make a big difference! You can also dry your painting materials by turning two ladders into a drying rack. 

Juggling tools and cords on a ladder is never a good idea, so click the link for ideas on where to add a caddy or a hook! 

Family Handyman also said, “I attach a magnet to the top of all of my ladders to hold nuts, bolts, nails, screws and other metal fasteners while I work. It’s like having an extra hand!”

What tricks do you use? 

10 Super Useful Ladder Hacks for Homeowners

This makes a great spot to hang an extension cord, tool belt, small bucket, etc. — Mark Ammons Be sure to use a long bolt and secure it with washers so that a large portion of it sticks out from the top of the ladder, as shown in the photo.Also, some ladders come with premade holes in the top,

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